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undonerapunzel [userpic]

Shootings at Dawson College

September 14th, 2006 (09:43 pm)


They blame videogames (although, I admit, that is a rather awful one), Marilyn Manson, and the internet (but that site is full of people like him)....

undonerapunzel [userpic]

(no subject)

September 5th, 2006 (12:52 am)

current mood: ish
current song: pink floyd- breathe

Today I was in Panera Bread, telling Michael how I work out a lot now. The result, of course, being that I will become an amazon woman with abs of steel.
Then a retarded man who had been shuffling around since we walked in came over to us. Apparently he'd been listening to the conversation and asked, "Can I see your abs of steel?" a couple times.
How the hell do I respond to that? I just sat back down quietly, and rather spooked....

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(no subject)

August 13th, 2006 (07:41 pm)

So this year feels just like last year, and it already seems like I've been back at least a month. The only things are that I don't know where I'm going without taking a little while to think about it and I don;t know the majority of people in my classes. In every class except Adv. Topics in Mathematics I know at least 2 people though. I don't like that math class.. I don't even need that math class; I took Algebra 1 in 8th grade. I wanna switch to like.. science 3.. easier science than physics..

Other than that math I have eng. 3 hon, beg. weights, 2 periods of sewwing (yaaay), anatomy (the one I'd like to focus on), and american gov. hon.

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(no subject)

July 21st, 2006 (11:43 am)

current mood: embarrassed
current song: conventional wisdom-built to spill..not hiphop

Molly's out of coffee with chocolate whipped cream... Not that it does much good waking me up anymore (it's probably running through my veins 24/7), but damn that stuff's good.
I'm listening to hip-hop, which I usually dislike. Bizzy Box by Danger Doom and Cee-lo/Gnarles Barkley is very likeable, and Chamillionaire has a voice I like more than I thought I would.
Ah.. I don't really have anything to write.. I should call people..

Someone tell me something good to do... or suggest good music if you know of something I'm unfamiliar with..

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strike dear mistress

July 15th, 2006 (03:46 am)

current mood: drunk
current song: venus in furs-v.u.

   13 minutes 'till 4 in the fuckin' mornin', and I can't sleep because my ass is extremely, unbelievably, incredibly hot. For once in years, Yearssss, I stayed out in the sun too long. I haven't been able to get my usual full body tan in a while, so as I have rid it of all tan lines, My. Ass. Is. On. Fire.... So, I've been forced to stay awake in bed.
   Thinking; staying awake connecting thoughts.
   Once again, I thought about whips and fuzzy handcuffs. Thanks to Michael I've had images of S&M in my head for days. He suggested I download Venus in Furs by The Velvet Underground. So I did, and I listened, and I listened, and I listened, and I put it on repeat, then I went to bed, then I put it on repeat again, then again... Turns out "Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather. Shiny leather in the dark. Tongue of thongs, the belt that does await you. Strike dear mistress and cure his heart" is delicious. The pronunciation of sadism and masochism always confused me a little though. say, not sah and masa, not maso...
   Which makes me think of this group of people http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060705/ap_on_re_us/simpl_wurdz who are declaring that the english language should be spelled the way it sounds. The way many, often annoying, people type now adays. At least by them typing like that I know who to ignore though.. I read about that group on the same site I read about this thing going on in Japan.
  http://www.wordpress.tokyotimes.org/?p=626 Some men even rent places to live just for the dolls they own. They're like perverse life sized barbies.
   A clothes makers for barbie dolls is on project runway now. I don't like that guy that much though. My favorite would have to be Jeffrey. I think he'll make it a long way because he reminds me of Jay and Santino, who both at least made it into the final 3.
   Speaking of Santino though, I still want to see Olivia's kittens. We should go do something, and since I found out Adam only lives a few hundred feet away from you maybe he could see a movie with us or something. I can't forget to bring your presents though. I have little things from Hawaii and this funky bag that immediately think "Olivia" from Tibet I found in Manhattan. I'm also planning on giving you some You Are Beautiful stickers when I hopefully get them mailed to me too.
   I still haven't sent out the envelope yet because I can't decide what e.e.cummings poem to write on an origami crane I'm sending with it. I've been reading his poems lately and thought that'd be a nice addition. They said if you send something cool they'll send a lot more stickers, so hopefully my cranes will do the trick. Then we could deface our neighborhoods and possibly schools (in a positive way).
   There are only.. what.. 4 weeks of summer left? Then off to be a junior.. a bloody junior... Time to anticipate what it will be like for the 11th time in my life. Strange to think. It never turns out the way I imagine it though. The only thing I'm fairly sure of is that I'll lose a little more inhibition. Bit by bit it fades off, but seems to be quickening with time. Hell though, in February I'll be able to drive. Then what? Another month after and I'm 17. Thennn what?
   Will I become a goat herding witch, or just wait to get past my senior year? The main reason I'd wait is because of my father. After attempting to shoot Sugar with a shot gun, we ate supper last night at Texas Roadhouse and I asked what he'd think if I ever wanted to get a lip ring. The only response was that he didn't understand why in the world I'd want to get another hole poked through me when he's been trying to avoid that all his life. So would I get the same reaction to "Dad, what if I moved to Woodstock next year to apprentice with an herbalist"..?
   I met that woman though. http://www.susunweed.com/SusunWeed.htm . She definitely has a strong personality.. A bit too strong to be enjoyable. We drove out to the middle of nowhere, finally found her farm and parked, to have a frizzy haired, barefoot woman yell to move somewhere else. Not that we weren't lucky to see her though. She could have easily been out in the woods of Europe for a month. The reason she was home was because she was turning 60, and luckily offered to let us join her on a walk with her daughter. After introducing us to her goats, food supply of rabbits, and hugging her geese she led us out. Soon we were off the trails and going deep into flooded, poison ivy covered woods. Of course Susun remained barefoot the entire time. She'd point out the plants and landscape, and her daughter found every animal we came near. While identifying toads and newts and turtles she'd pick them all up and pet them a little, somehow coaxing them to stay perfectly calm.
   Over all it was pleasant experience, but Susun just doesn't seem like a very happy person. So what would be the result of me staying with her? If she's been doing what she does for decades and is world renowned for it, but isn't happy, it doesn't set the example I thought I'd see. So as usual I just wait to see what happens. Like I've been waiting around the majority of the time my parents have been out of town. I've only gone places thanks to Dad and Trillian. I've been trying to keep myself entertained with things like seeing how far I dare crank up our new speakers so I can dance through out the house and listen to my songs while in the hot tub with the jets on. Honestly, I've been expecting neighborhood complaints..
   Out of a need to get out of my house I went on a walk around my neighborhood the day before yesterday. I walked through the woods here a long time ago, which I liked. This walk, however, was creepy. I had to walk fast to keep the bugs off, and the sun was setting. So I'm walking quickly down dark, empty, dirt roads with the occasional bug flying into my face and large dog barking. The fact a vampire rapist used to live very close by hasn't made me terribly afraid of going out at night alone, but I began wondering if I'd be able to use my cell phone in case something happened.
   Of course, nothing did happen, except some asshole that's probably from school flashed on his brights as soon as he was about to pass me. It doesn't help not being able to see on a dark road. I stayed up all night that night, mostly watching movies and tv shows.
   The sun's now rising so I guess I've done it again. Since I tried to sleep I feel quite tired though. I've tried eating spicy chips to wake me up enough to finish typing but it feels like I've been eating mild lava for an hour. Which reminds me of my ass of fire...
  Writing this has stopped it's burning, but now it's 6:45 and I have to finish my chores before my parents come home at noon. So, I still can't sleep dammit.

 (btw- I feel very accomplished for bring that back full circle with little of my brain still conscious)

undonerapunzel [userpic]

Travel, travel, orgy!

June 30th, 2006 (02:11 pm)

Ok, not really an orgy.. right..?

Well, I haven't posted in quite a while. I've been in hawaii past two weeks, then home for three days before coming up to NY.
Which is where I am at the moment; in a nice little cafe drinking a milkshake.

I'll tell a bit about what's been happening here.

Well, my mom and I are here to take Continum classes, but I've been going off and doing other things instead a lot. It's just that Continum is really intense. It's so complex and out there that I don't try to really understand it; I absorb what I do and am content with that. After getting acupunture for the first time two nights ago I could barely walk back to my cabin because my knees had such a different energy flow through them. My liver is pretty out of whack, so once the needles were in the different liver spots it was really painful in places like my foot and knee. So, my body feels like it's going through enough changes without attempting to do exercises and make sounds which release more energy. I do feel much less tense, but sometimes my body is so loose it feels like I'm walking through mud, and like it's unconsciously doing so much it's physically very tired. My mind is so open it aches, and like I can't focus to extent my eyes are sore.

We visited Woodstock two days ago. It's such a funky place; I want to move there. My mom has a friend with a car who agreed to drive us around when we told her how I wanted to apprentice with a woman around that area. Once we finally found her number we were happy to find she was home (and not deep in the woods in some other country) and she invited us to go on a walk with her and her daughter. Susun turned out to be a strong minded (always barefoot) 60 year-old woman who took us on a trek through very muddy woods. Her daughter picked up and talked to all the newts, and toads, and turtles. I also met a few goats, rabbits, and geese I'll be watching when I'm there.

I think that's about it.. Now that I know that these computers are here I'll probably be back tomorrow when I skip class again. I'll try to get on aim sometime from 2 to 6, or later tonight too.

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Quiz off Michael's journal

June 10th, 2006 (03:08 pm)

Existentialism. Your life is guided by the concept of
Existentialism: You choose the meaning and purpose
of your life.

�Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown
into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.�

�It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.�

--Jean-Paul Sartre

More info at Arocoun's Wikipedia User Page...








Justice (Fairness)








Strong Egoism


Divine Command


What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)
created with QuizFarm.com

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(no subject)

April 2nd, 2006 (01:55 am)

Alright, that Six Strange Things about me thingy that I am quite late on doing:

1. I have a habit of pulling out any loose eyelashes I have. I think I'm paranoid they'll end up in my eye.
2. If I can see my wrist bones poking under my skin when I'm typing sometimes I MUST hold my hand in a different way so that I can't see the bones moving.
3. When I'm sleep deprived I start seeing little black blotches that I assume to be spiders and roaches, and I'll twitch if something touches me because I'll think one's on me.
4. Every time my cell phone is in my pocket and someone calls me I'll squeak, yell, or jump because the vibrating scares me. Sometimes I still do it if it's even near me and rings.
5. Alone at home, I blast music and dance about the house until I can't dance anymore.
6. Watching Dr.90210 is like a guilty pleasure for me because I know it will freak me out and stay in my mind for days, but I have to watch people get cut up and prodded sometimes anyways.

undonerapunzel [userpic]

(no subject)

December 31st, 2005 (02:58 pm)

Hey, I finally have an icon. I'll work on finding some more later.

My stupid iPod is frozen... Leave it to me to find a way to kill it in less than a week.

Back to something good- my stitches are coming out, so it must be healing well. My mouth feels fine, and I can almost eat normal. The swelling is completely gone now too thank god.

undonerapunzel [userpic]

(no subject)

November 22nd, 2005 (10:16 pm)

current mood: high

alright, yes, I am quite bored.... suicide, bomb and gunshot are a bit too high on the list for my liking.. once again, I have an odd jinx for tieing..

You scored as Disappear. Your death will be by disappearing, probably a camping trip gone wrong or an evening hike you never returned from. Always remeber that one guy who was hiking alone and got in a rock slide. He could have died, but he cut his own hand off to save himself. Don't end up like him (or worse, dead).












Natural Causes




Cut Throat












How Will You Die??
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I'll stop now... honest....

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